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Software configuration management tools. Tigris - SCM home is here.
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Multi-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system. tigris - rapidsvn home is here. 2421 4045
by Tim Jackson-2
CVS to Subversion Repository Converter. tigris - cvs2svn home is here. 1146 4118
by vmukku
Windows Shell Extension for Subversion. tigris - tortoisesvn home is here. 17160 62373
by Stefan K√ľng
PHP based web interface of Subversion repositories. tigris - websvn home is here. 1243 2972
by ryandesign-2
A Subversion Eclipse Plugin. tigris - subclipse home is here. 6344 18261
by admin-297
Python SVN Tools. tigris - pysvn home is here. 783 2157
by Frank Fang
SCPlugin allows access to Subversion commands from the Finder. tigris - scplugin home is here. 881 3355
by simonmcl
qt based multiplatform subversion client, diff & merge tool. tigris - subcommander home is here. 240 547
by Martin Hauner
Continuous Integration for Subversion. tigris - sin home is here.
Sub-Forums: sin - users
3 7
by nyotnyot1
A set of XSLT and CGIs to provide web access to Subversion. tigris - insurrection home is here.
Sub-Forums: insurrection - users
24 58
by maria daniela rivero...
Cross-platform Subversion GUI. tigris - tksvn home is here.
Sub-Forums: tksvn - issues
5 12
by Dorothy Robinson
Catacomb is a WebDAV repository module for use with mod_dav. tigris - catacomb home is here. 86 136
by Guy K. Kloss-3
VS.NET addin for the Subversion version control system. tigris - ankhsvn home is here. 787 1566
by rajmore
A graphical user 'interface' for Ant. tigris - antelope home is here. 26 33
by Dale Anson
Visual SourceSafe to Subversion Converter. tigris - vss2svn home is here.
Sub-Forums: vss2svn - users
362 1970
by Toby Johnson
An SCC Provider for Subversion. tigris - svnscc home is here. 2 2
by Discussion Administr...
A web front-end for CvsAnaly. tigris - cvsanaly-web home is here.
Sub-Forums: cvsanaly-web - issues
20 21
by sam2008
Wiki using a Subversion data repository. tigris - subwiki home is here. 3 4
by Good Boxed Soft for ...
Set up svn with a single installer. tigris - svn1clicksetup home is here. 3 3
by Michael Thomas-8
Modular, OO-based Python framework for SVN and CVS commit script. tigris - commitmessage home is here.
Sub-Forums: commitmessage - users
6 7
by Stephen Haberman
CVS/Subversion repository analyzer. tigris - cvsanaly home is here. 29 29
by anavarro
Lightweight Subversion SCC provider. tigris - chmsubscc home is here.
Sub-Forums: chmsubscc - issues
7 7
by Wachovia Service
continuous build integration for subversion. tigris - continuity home is here.
Sub-Forums: continuity - issues
7 7
by Wachovia Service
web interface to Subversion repositories. tigris - svnbrowser home is here. 2 3
by javadude-2
Subversion SCC Plugin for TortoiseSVN. tigris - tortoisesvnscc home is here. 1 1
by stephangerhards